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As a top student of his cohort in Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music, Eugene arranges and composes with inspired harmonies and counterpoint.

Arranging services take a pre-existing song (please provide the original music and/or recording) and arrange it in any format desired, be it full orchestra, string quartet, vocal a capella or anything else.

Following is an example of Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride interpreted by Wynton Marsalis’ group; first is the original link, which is followed by Eugene’s arrangement that expands the instrumentation to a jazz big band.

Wynton Marsalis – Sleigh Ride

Eugene’s Arrangement

Eugene can also give a song a completely new vibe by reharmonizing it and writing it in a different style. Following is an example of the jazz standard by Cole Porter “Night and Day” rendered in a modern impressionistic style.

Cole Porter – Night and Day

Eugene’s Arrangement

Composition services are also offered; a completely original song is written from scratch. Individuals may wish to specify instrumentation, timings and style when requesting this service. Eugene has experience writing numerous genres of music:

Pop Song

Jazz Tune

Film Score

Market rates apply.

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