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Discography: Discography
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October 2018

Produced and recorded in Brooklyn, New York, Composer/Percussionist Eugene Seow's album "Origin Story" presents a suite that gives an esoteric glimpse into the trials and tribulations faced by the metaphorical superhero in our lives - the individual that is us.

Eugene plays the drum set and sonically augments the experience by doubling on Tabla, Pandeiro, Tar, Vibraphone, Cajon, Congas, Bongos, Darbuka, and Riq. Musician credit is as follows: Myeonghan Yu (Soprano and Tenor Saxophones), Alan Kwan (Guitar), Joel Gonzalez-Marsellach (Piano, Rhodes) and Eunjung Jo (Bass).

May 2016

An impressive debut album by professional musician Eugene Seow (Singapore), "A Blueprint for Tomorrow" features young lions in the jazz world from all corners of the globe. The musicians met at Berklee College of Music and Eugene produced and recorded the album in Boston, Massachusetts.  

The members of this group are: vocalist Ester Wiesnerová (Slovakia), clarinetist David Ling (Malaysia), flutist and saxophonist Brandon Wilkins (USA), guitarist Julian Jayme (Canada), pianist Jimin Park (S. Korea) and bassist James Heazlewood Dale (Australia). Eugene himself is on the drums, cajon and auxiliary percussion. All compositions on the album are his.


April 2015

Composer/Multi-instrumentalist Eugene Seow's first released large ensemble work, the single "Sungazer" is sure to bring the listener through dynamic ups and downs.

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