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"If you wanna learn how to play the drums, or improve your skill in general, Eugene is the guy to turn to. I think he's one of; if not the most; versatile drummers in the country today, and be it basic rudiments on sticks/brushes, or any specific genres, he is able to teach them. Furthermore, he demonstrates a variety of ways in which you can produce sounds from the drums, thus giving you much more to express your creativity (beyond the usual fills). Personally, he has taught me many things that i apply in my own drumming today. So, all in all, if you're sincerely looking to improve your drumming, look no further." - Changci

"I had the privilege to take lessons from Eugene for a bit. His lessons always allowed me to take back something each time. His range of knowledge of percussion and music was very wide and I was able to clarify doubts that I had for many years with him through our discussions. His classes included his handmade notes which allowed me to be able to practice and remember what I had learnt at his classes." - Jasmine

"Eugene has been a phenomenal drums coach. He commands the drums with ease and explains well how he achieves it. Working with him has helped me see much progress to my own drumming and also my overall sensitivity to sound and tone of what I am doing on the instrument." - Kiro

"I came to Eugene with the intention of improving my drumming performance and overall understanding of the instrument. My numerous doubts were put to rest quickly and efficiently. With his vast experience in this field, Eugene has picked up some neat tricks of the trade which he shares selflessly. I for one have definitely benefited from these lessons. I would highly recommend learning from him." - Kevin

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